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Knowledge platform
Data Science
Process Intelligence

Navigate | AI Decision Platform

Reshape your decision-making models using the power of data.

Navigate, the gA digital twin platform, is designed to help its customers resolve concrete business issues, such as anticipating bottlenecks in critical supply chains, or reducing stock shortages, and increasing the accuracy of forecasting models.

We combine process mining tools with predictive analytical models to build proprietary digital platforms in which we anticipate and solve critical supply chain, manufacturing and customer-related problems.

Customer Science

Omnichannel Customer Platform

A retail digital cloud platform using in-store positioning with analytics in real time and machine learning to understand clients’ behavior, evaluate efficiencies, and increase the synergy between what is going on in stores and in digital channels.

Optimize store layout and interactions to increase physical and virtual sales, and get valuable information to negotiate with suppliers and provide a unique experience to every client.

Financial trading

Global Trade Platform

A secure online marketplace to digitize international commodity and financing transactions with blockchain technology.