Press releases


Parabolt “Sherpath Digital Development” Accelerates Transformation

A powerful combination of methodologies shorten the digital transformation process from months to weeks


Parabolt Places the Power of Navigate at eMerge Americas 2020 in Miami

Parabol will be exhibiting the transformative power of its AI Decision Platform, Navigate, during eMerge Americas 2020.


Parabolt introduced Global Trade Platform: An online platform for digitization of commodity trading and financing

Global Trade Platform allows you to trade, execute and finance international trade transactions.


The Argentine Chamber of Construction launched TIIC: A program to disrupt the sector with ideas from entrepreneurs

The Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO) announced the launch of the TIIC program (Transform and Innovate the Construction Industry), which will be executed in conjunction with Parabolt, a company that transforms innovative ideas into disruptive digital products.


From Argentina to Silicon Valley: a new edition of Prendete is coming!

Parabolt, the company that transforms ideas into digital disruptive products, will co-host a new edition of Prendete!, a nationwide business ideas contest. As with the winners of the last contest, this year’s finalist teams will travel to and explore Silicon Valley, along with a committee of professionals.


Parabolt helps YPF evolve into the Gas Stations of the Future

With Parabolt’s proven methodology and startup mentality, innovation spread throughout the company in just 12 weeks. Helping to transform YPF, Argentina’s top energy company and one of the biggest industry leaders in Latin America.


Parabolt accelerates the cultural transformation of La Segunda

Parabolt,the company that transforms innovative ideas into disruptive products, is helping transform the working culture at La Segunda, one of Argentina’s leading insurance companies, through its cutting-edge innovation platform, Kyduk.


New Platform from Parabolt Helps Retailers Capture 'The Magic Moment' of Sales

Parabolt, gA's digital innovation incubator, announces the launch of OCP (Omnichannel Customer Platform), a new cloud-computing platform that enables users to deliver improved customer experiences that boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty


Parabolt will place disruptive ideas center stage at eMerge Americas 2019

Parabolt, the company that transforms innovative ideas into disruptive products, is proud to unveil its exciting plans for the upcoming eMerge Americas event in Miami, a conference that brings together the best and brightest from the global tech industry.


Parabolt introduces Kyduk, an innovation platform that transforms the corporate culture of companies

Using Kyduk organizations of all sizes, industries and markets can accelerate change and boost the generation of value ideas in just 12 weeks.


gA launches Parabolt, an incubator that seeks to transform ideas into disruptive, sustainable businesses

gA, global leader in Digital Business Transformation launched Parabolt, a new company devoted to incubating ideas of Latin American entrepreneurs and large corporations in order to turns their designs into disruptive digital products.